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Channing Tatum to join that Jonah Hill version of 21 Jump Street we keep mentioning

Passive gerund Channing Tatum reportedly is close to signing on to Jonah Hill’s 21 Jump Street adaptation, which we keep telling you about to resounding incredulity. It is, in fact, still in development, and Tatum is now reportedly a lock because of his undeniable chemistry with Hill and because “both look youthful,” because a little-known fact about Sony Pictures is that it is staffed solely by 1,000-year-old nosferatu. Also, Tatum reportedly has garnered some advance “buzz” surrounding his performance in Ron Howard’s upcoming, comedy-defending The Dilemma, in which he plays an internal combustion engine or something. Look for production to start in the spring, when you’ll probably be surprised all over again. So does this mean Tatum is the Johnny Depp/Richard Grieco? (Jonah Hill is definitely Peter DeLuise.)


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