Ghostbusters II/Magic Mike

Heads up, Hollywood sneaks and double dealers: There’s a new champion of truth in town, and his name is Channing Tatum. No longer content to merely shrug past questions about his less beloved acting roles, Tatum took up his place as a paragon of honesty last week, with a Reddit AskMeAnything where he charmingly delivered truth bombs left and right. Topics up for discussion included his personal nomenclature for his genitals, and his feelings about Jupiter Ascending, with a question asking “What was that?” about the film earning the response, “Great question. I have the same one to myself.”

Tatum continued his crusade of veracity today with an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, where he talked about the current status of the Ghostbusters remake he’s been attached to, and his hatred for G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Tatum played franchise hero Duke (or, as Stern repeatedly refers to him, G.I. Joe.) in the 2009 film, but explains that he only took the role out of contractual obligation. “I’ll be honest. I fucking hate that movie,” the actor declared, outlining his distaste for the script, as well as hinting at exactly how big a paycheck it took for him to do it. (It’s possible that Tatum’s previous work with the Wachowskis has left him convinced that he’s now trapped, Matrix-like, in a permanent AskMeAnything, where candor is the only option.)


He also discussed what we’re now legally obligated to distinguish as the potential all-male Ghostbusters reboot, which last made serious news when Chris Pratt derided his own rumored involvement in the project as “bullshit.” Tatum confirmed the generally ooky status of the project, noting that director Ivan Reitman was still involved and interested, but declaring, “That thing’s gotten messy, I gotta be honest. There’s a lot of people doing a lot of things on Ghostbusters… Yeah. I don’t know, is the answer.” When questioned by Stern about the presence of Paul Feig’s own remake, which recently began filming, Tatum made it clear that his own project is still in very early, tentative stages. Surprisingly, in a minute-long conversation about a Ghostbusters movie getting messy, neither Stern nor Tatum made references to Slimer, slime, ectoplasm, or Slimer (the cartoon version), in what can only be seen as its own separate supernatural occurrence.