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Rumors have been floating around lately that Channing Tatum’s incipient reign as terrible X-Men member Gambit could be in peril, with The Wrap reporting that the deal between Tatum—who’s also a producer on the upcoming film—and Fox was in danger of breaking down. This, despite Tatum’s oft-stated devotion to the awful, card-throwing accent monster, with the actor once declaring, “I would die to play him.”

Luckily, it doesn’t look like it’ll come to that, as Variety is reporting that a deal is now officially in place, with Tatum getting the go-ahead to start practicing his “mon ami”s and “chere”s and all the other faux-affectionate Cajun nonsense he’ll be deploying in the film. Gambit is being directed by Rise Of The Planet Of The ApesRupert Wyatt, from a script by Josh Zetumer. Said screenplay will draw inspiration from a treatment by comic book writer Chris Claremont, the man responsible for inflicting Remy LeBeau and his various card-hurling affectations on the world—so at least we know the movie’s version of Gambit will be authentic in his relentless brand of awful.


Meanwhile, recovering Gambit actor Taylor Kitsch presumably spent the day posting on a few small-but-vocal John Carter message boards, then checking his phone a few times, before wandering off to take a nap.

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