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The new Channing Tatum era of Gambit is officially set to begin with his own X-Men movie, Deadline reports, as a writer is attached and the fedora is slowly lowered on the muddy banks of Taylor Kitsch. RoboCop remake screenwriter Josh Zetumer will take on another tale of man placed within a machine—in this case Tatum, who’ll be consumed by the Fox franchise as he stars in the first spinoff to be centered on his version of Remy LeBeau. Zetumer will be working from an original treatment by Marvel’s Chris Claremont, who first co-created the sly Southern hero with the mutant power to manipulate kinetic energy, and the skill to distract enemies by asking them if they want to “play 52-Card Pickup.” Real funny, Gambit.

While plot details are still being kept under wraps, Tatum has been doing some scattering of his own with hints that Gambit will not be “your typical superhero movie,” and suggesting that his introduction might not have the usual “saving-the-world” plotline. This should be reassuring for moviegoers who are getting mighty sick of the world.


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