The Vow

Some days, a good cry can make everything feel better. The problem is that there are only so many ways to force yourself to cry. You can think of a dead pet, you can think of your dead parents (or the inevitability that they will die), you can pinch yourself really hard, or you can watch the ā€œJurassic Barkā€ episode of Futurama. Thatā€™s it. But what if there were another way?

Thatā€™s the idea Channing Tatum had when he and Sony decided to pick up the rights to Matthew Logelinā€™s memoir Two Kisses For Maddy: A Memoir Of Loss And Love. The book is about Logelinā€™s wife dying only hours after the birth of their daughter, Maddy, and the various hardships he has faced as a single father. So the movie version will be a sad story about a man losing his wife, but also a happy story about a man who loves his daughter. Presumably, the idea is that these conflicting emotions will make viewers cry a lot, and everyone will leave the theater feeling emotionally lighterā€”but also drenched in sweet, sweet tears.


This is all according to Variety, which says Tatum might star in Two Kisses in addition to producing it.