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The internet is often a hive for villainy and scum, a space where anonymous folks spew their hatred and negativity toward whatever topic has gotten them in an uproar. Be it politics, DC Comics films, video games—all are reasons for people to unfurl their vilest selves unto others. But every now and then, something breaks through that shows not just the possibility of the medium, but reaffirms a faith in humanity as well.

Enter Speechless With Carly Fleischmann, a brand new talk show on YouTube hosted by previously unknown talent Carly Fleischmann. The host is a 21-year-old nonverbal autistic woman, but her charm proves too winning to be held back by any challenges she faces. In the premiere episode, she meets and interviews confirmed heartthrob Channing Tatum and seemingly effortlessly disarms the Hollywood A-lister by her ability to be playful, funny, and unabashedly flirt with Magic Mike. Fleischmann recalls the easy repartee of Ellen DeGeneres and the gleeful abandonment of Stephen Colbert in her back and forth with Tatum, constantly making the actor blush and laugh at her various attempts to hit on him. She also asks interesting questions about his past, his wife, and his fears—forcing him to confront a particularly creepy artifact.


It’s easy to dismiss this interview for the way it pulls on heartstrings. But there is real joy in Fleischmann’s work and an infectious energy that proves this isn’t a gimmick, but an example of a woman who is living out her dream and nailing it.

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