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Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy to straddle borders together in Triple Frontier

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The world has been on pins and needles ever since we heard that Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy could soon be working together. And we can all exhale now, because the team-up appears to be a done deal. Variety reports that the two leading men—both of whom would be annoyingly good-looking if they weren’t also so annoyingly charismatic—have overcome “scheduling conflicts” and are signing on to be sweaty and muscular in close proximity to one another in Paramount’s South America-set thriller Triple Frontier, directed by J.C. Chandor (A Most Violent Year).

Scripted by Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty), the film will take its name from “la triple frontera,” where the Iguazu and Parana rivers connect between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, creating the perfect environment for organized crime to flourish. Details are sparse, so it remains unclear what kind of accent Hardy will be mumbling his way through. But we can assume (or at least hope) that Tatum will keep his American one.


There are still a number of major roles to be filled before an official green light will begin flashing in that secret room deep in the bowels of Paramount, but these are the kinds of big names that beget other big names. So the situation is looking pretty hopeful.

[via Variety]

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