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Channel Zero gets two more seasons at Syfy

Channel Zero (Image: Syfy)

Increasing the likelihood that your story about a super bloody episode of Catdog or a haunted Tetris cartridge might someday make it to the air, Syfy has announced that it’s granting two more seasons to its internet-inspired horror anthology series Channel Zero. Reported by Deadline, the news comes ahead of the show’s second season, which will take Brian Russell’s story “The No-End House” as its source material.

The show’s first season, which aired last October, adapted Kris Straub’s “Candle Cove,” casting Paul “Mark Brendanawicz” Schneider as a child psychologist investigating a mysterious kids’ show from his youth. Creator Nick Acosta will continue to write the series’ scripts, translating popular “creepypasta” stories into the realm of TV, and executive producing alongside Max Landis.


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