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On Friday’s live broadcast of Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO, Maher casually dropped the n-word in an interview with Republican senator Ben Sasse. The backlash was predictably swift and intense, with HBO releasing a statement that denounced his comment as “completely inexcusable” and Sasse himself coming up with a smart response a day after it was too late, but so far the only repercussion Maher is facing because of this has been HBO announcing that future airings of that Real Time episode will have his use of the word edited out.

For Chance The Rapper, though, that’s not enough. Like a lot of people, he went on Twitter this weekend and asked HBO to fully cut ties with Maher and pull his show off the air:


Chance’s post already has thousands of retweets, but HBO hasn’t said anything regarding Maher since its initial statement.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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