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Chance the Rapper teams up with local talk show hosts, Kanye West

Windy City Live

Established veteran Kanye West and up-and-comer Chance The Rapper have a collaboration in the works. Hints about the two artists pooling talents cropped up recently, when West took time out of his set at the ongoing Ottowa Bluesfest to give the Acid Rap creator a shoutout, calling him, “one of the most talented young new artists.” Chance returned the favor during a recent appearance on Chicago-based daytime talk show Windy City Live, talking about purchasing West’s debut album, The College Dropout, as an (even younger) man, before announcing that the two of them had begun to work together on a project.

Chance made the reveal to host Val Warner and an audience of middle-aged Chicago-ites, who look extremely excited to be on the cutting edge of rap’s hottest news. A clearly hesitant Chance held off on the announcement for a moment, before buckling under Warner’s showbiz glamour. Awed by the celebrity influence of his “WCW”, Chance turned to the camera and announced, “Me and Kanye and a lot of Chicago artists and a lot of dope artists are working on a collaborative effort that will be released tentatively.” (Anyone who tries to hold back said potential drop should keep an eye out for Val Warner, because that woman can apparently get blood from a stone.)


Chance then proceeded to stick around Windy City Live for the rest of the day, co-hosting segments and performing with his Surf collaborator Donnie Trumpet. It’s not clear whether the young rappers got to sample any of the tasty-looking grilled cheeses that Warner and her co-host, Ryan Chiaverini, were passing around (voted best in the USA and Japan, according to that particular segment), or if he was just too glutted on fame and nerves to even be bothered to eat.

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