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Earlier this month, Chance The Rapper announced that he was making a $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools, in the wake of an apparently disappointing meeting with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner about the city’s underfunded education system. Chance hopped back on Facebook Live this afternoon to update folks on his fundraising efforts, announcing that the Chicago Bulls organization has matched his donation, pledging another million to the city’s schools.

Total funding for the Coloring Book artist’s projects is now at $2.2 million; per his previous pledge to donate an extra $10,000 from his Social Works philanthropy project for every $100,000 he receives in overal donations, Chance also named 12 new schools that will be receiving immediate donations. (“Is it cool if I announce the schools right now?” he asked reporters. “Get really excited if you have a cousin that goes there or something.”)


Chance also announced a new arts project, The New Chance Arts And Literature Fund, to help schools pay for arts education programs. He finished by thanking everybody involved, including the Bulls, comedian Hannibal Buress, the school that allowed him to host the impromptu Facebook Live press conference today, and the kids off to his side, holding the latest giant million-dollar check his efforts have produced. “Thank y’all for holding this check,” he told them. “I know it’s getting heavy. Don’t worry about it, it’s symbolic. Yeah, man. Drops mic.”

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