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Chance The Rapper officially announces next mixtape

Early last month, we reported that Chance The Rapper had begun teasing a new mixtape—his first solo work since Acid Rap in 2013—with Chance indicating at the time that it would be available in either April or May. Chance never ended up releasing the mixtape in April, but now Pitchfork is reporting that he has officially announced it at least, so that’s something. Titled Chance 3, the cover art sees Chance replacing his usual White Sox hat with a big number three, and that’s pretty much the extent of what we know about it at this point (so, nothing). Pitchfork says it’s still supposed to be “arriving soon,” but there doesn’t seem to be any word on when that is. We’re going to assume Chance will release it this month, but maybe he’ll make this into a monthly thing and we’ll find out the release date on June 1.


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