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Chance The Rapper launches campaign to get you to take a damn bath

Photo: Getty/Scott Dudelson

Self care is important—you know, eating something delicious, falling asleep, reading a damn book. Self care is intentionally doing whatever shit you want. One popular method of caring for the self is to fill a bath tub up with hot water, leave that hot water in the bath tub, and then sit in it for a long time and chill. Maybe you read a book? Wine is probably okay? The point is not to shower, as many of us do, in a blind panic 20 minutes late each morning, but to instead savor the act of rendering yourself less smelly.

Chance The Rapper, fresh off his victory as the #7 album of 2016 by The A.V. Club, released a playlist simply titled “Yup” that is designed for bath time. Or, as he put it on Twitter:


You can listen to it here. It’s really good! A couple Chance tracks, Solange, Migos, Gucci Mane, and the omnipresent Bon Iver make for a nice soaking soundtrack.

Since the release, Chance’s Twitter feed has turned into a full-time celebration of bathing. Here he is chilling in a bath tub:

No reason to stop listening when the bath is over:


He’s also retweeting everyone on the planet that mentions bathing. For now, “Yup” is only on Apple Music, but one could easily recreate it in the streaming service of their choice. For his part, Chance has promised a new Spotify playlist, although not about bathing. Perhaps, continuing the self-care theme, a “leisurely walk outside while drinking tea” playlist? Just spit-balling here.

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