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Music has always been a central element of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe—unsurprising, given that it’s the brainchild of beloved animation songwriter Rebecca Sugar. In the past, the show has treated fans to songs about personal strength, ice cream kitty cats, and the joys of seeing a giant woman, but it’s apparently pulling out all the stops for its upcoming TV movie, recruiting folks like Chance The Rapper, Aimee Mann, and regular cast member (and Grammy-winning singer-rapper-songwriter) Estelle to perform on new Sugar-penned songs for the film. (Oh, plus semi-regular Patti LuPone.)

The network announced this line-up of gem-adjacent ringers with a new teaser this afternoon, along with confirmation that the film will be a full-fledged musical. Given that Steven Universe frequently busts out some of the catchiest tunes on TV, it’s just one more reason to be excited for the film, which will also arrive with a DVD release and a soundtrack album later this year.

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