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Chance The Rapper hung out with Cookie Monster, and it was unsurprisingly cute

Who’s up for a quick dose of Saturday adorability? As ever, the various monsters and Muppets of Sesame Street are happy to provide, especially when teamed up with musician, philanthropist, and all-around education nerd Chance The Rapper. Chance apparently stopped by the Street back in December, posing with Oscar The Grouch, but this week the long-running kids’ show released one of the segments he shot while swinging through the neighborhood.


As is so often the case, one of the big highlights of “T Is For Theater” is how delighted Chance is simply to play in this space, gently winding up Cookie Monster with his inadequate vigor for the devouring of cookies. Also, Elmo is there, and who doesn’t like Elmo? (We’re aware that a whole fucking lot of people don’t like Elmo, but he’s perfectly tolerable here.)

The video is a lot less profane—or obsessed with local Chicago politics—than Chance’s last puppet-adjacent outing; you might not learn much about aldermen (or even the letter “T”), but it’s still good, messy fun.

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