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Despite Saturday Night Live performances, freestyle mixtapes, and collaborations with both Kanye West and Stephen Colbert, we’ve been waiting almost three years for Chance The Rapper to release a formal follow-up to his massively successful mixtape Acid Rap. Now it looks like that time is finally approaching, as the Chicago-based rapper recently announced that his next mixtape is coming “next month.” (Which, given that he made the statement in late March, presumably means pretty soon.)

The news comes from an Esquire write-up of a recent SoundCloud show, where the 22-year-old artist dropped a live version of his verse from “Ultralight Beam”—the lead-off track from West’s recent The Life Of Pablo—on an expectant Manhattan crowd. That’s all the details we have to go on at the moment, at least far as release dates or content are concerned. We just hope Chance knows that his father, Ken, will still be proud of him, no matter when the new mixtape comes out.


[via Stereogum]