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Chance The Rapper, Hannibal Buress, and a bunch of puppets want to teach you what the fuck an alderman does

Photo: Joshua Lott (Getty Images)

Chance The Rapper continues to make it very clear that he’s not fucking around on the topic of Chicago politics and civic life; fresh off his donations to the city’s schools, his critiques of mayor Rahm Emanuel, and his purchase of local news site Chicagoist—once a mainstay of street-level city reporting, back before the implosion of the Gothamist brand—Chance has now launched a new video aiming to delve into the deepest, darkest secrets of the Illinois city’s politics: What the fuck, exactly, does an alderman do?


A whole hell of a lot, as revealed in the above video, which is being showed off as a sort of trial balloon for the kinds of things the new Chicagoist will be up to. But even if you don’t care about distribution of public funds, widespread corruption, or potholes, you still might get a kick out of the video, which not only sees Chance go “undercover” in the city for a little person-on-the-street interviews, but features his pal Hannibal Buress doing his best impression of a bribe-happy Chicago pol. (Also, there are puppets.)

But hey, we get it: Civics isn’t everybody’s thing. If you still want some new Chance content without the fake mustaches or empowering political shit, you’re still in luck: He also dropped two new singles (“The Man Who Has Everything” and “My Own Thing (Feat. Joey Purp)“) on Soundcloud yesterday.


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