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Chance The Rapper continues to rain money on the city of Chicago

Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images for Spotify)

When he’s not appearing in pizza-themed horror movies or dropping surprise singles, Chance The Rapper likes to give back to the city he calls home by letting people in Chicago see Get Out for free, letting people in Chicago see Marshall for free, putting together an awards show just for teachers, teaching Chicago-area kids how to work with audio, donating $1 million to Chicago public schools, and convincing the Chicago Bulls to donate an additional $1 million to public schools. Now, according to ABC 7 Chicago (via Rolling Stone), Chance has announced that he and his SocialWorks non-profit are going to donate $1 million to mental health services in the city, and he’s heading up a new initiative called My State Of Mind that will try and establish a “go-to, modern resource” for people in Chicago to learn about and get access to mental health services.

On top of that, Chance is going to continue giving money to Chicago’s public schools, with him announcing that another 20 schools will be getting $100,000 gifts. “We will be upping the game in terms of equity, in terms of what is rightfully yours,” he said. “Principals, teachers, we got your back.”


Hey, Chance, did you hear that Rahm Emanuel isn’t running for reelection? There’s going to be an opening for mayor of Chicago. Just letting you know.

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