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Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Chance The Rapper finally dropped his long-awaited album The Big Day on Friday, but that doesn’t mean he’s earned any sort of break. No, Chance is still at the level of fame and success where he has to constantly be doing something or else some other hotshot kid from Chicago is going to come out of nowhere and eat his lunch. Maybe if he wins a few more Grammys and sells a few more million albums, then he’ll be famous enough that he can just do whatever he wants. Until that day, though, he has to promote his new album with a big 35-city tour.

Chance announced such a tour on Instagram today, with tickets going on sale on Friday and the whole thing kicking off on September 13 in San Francisco. HipHopDX also notes that there will be “special guests,” but we don’t know who they are, so anyone hoping to see Ben Gibbard pop up onstage might as well try and get tickets just to be safe. Chance included the tour dates in his Instagram post, which you can see below.


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