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Last month, Chance the Rapper took to his Instagram account and surprised everyone by announcing that he had just completed a joint record with Bay Area artist Lil B, with the latter calling the effort a “based freestyle album.” Chance later went on the radio and declared that the new release was already a “classic” and a “masterpiece.” You can now judge his claims for yourself, because earlier today, the duo dropped the whole thing on Soundcloud completely free of charge.


“Yes it’s real,” Chance wrote in an Instagram post. “Conceived from magic, love, acid and bases. We made this the moment we met.” Titled Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape), the new EP features just six tracks in total, but impressively, each one was created completely at the spur of the moment. This marks yet another collaborative effort from Chance the Rapper, coming just on the heels of his acclaimed album Surf with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and the news that he’s been cooking something up with fellow Chicago native Kanye West.

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