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Chance The Rapper and basketball guy Steph Curry are here to remind you that voting is super easy

You may not have heard—we get it, we’re mid-binge on, like, five different streaming shows right now—but there’s a national election in three days. And while we know that voting booths, mail-in ballots, and the grim specter of democracy’s looming death can all be scary (so many levers!), we’re happy to report that the celebrities are here to help.


Celebrities like Chance The Rapper and Golden State Warrior Steph Curry, who took time out of their busy “being famous” schedule to lend a little recognizable person heat to a voting explainer video for HBO’s Pod Save America. Hosted by Akilah Hughes, the show’s “Democracy Or Else: Voting” clip lacks the harsh punch of previous celebrity suffrage movements like Vote Or Die! (R.I.P. the millions who perished at Diddy’s hands that year), while still reminding us all that voting is super easy, and also that I Voted! stickers are, legally, a prerequisite for having sex on November 6.

Thanks, famouses!

[via Pitchfork]

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