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According to Deadline, Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are reuniting with Chadwick Boseman (the Black Panther himself) for 17 Bridges, an action thriller that they’re producing with Boseman and STXfilms. This news comes just a day after this very website put together an exhaustive list of every ongoing project that the Russo brothers are currently working on, a list that is now already out of date, so we can’t help but feel like the Russos are specifically doing this to spite us for some reason. Was it because we criticized them for putting their names on so many comic book adaptations that may never actually come out? Was it because we thought Infinity War was a little overstuffed? Because that was more Marvel’s fault than the Russo’s fault.


Anyway, 17 Bridges will be directed by Game Of Thrones veteran Brian Kirk from a script by Adam Mervis, and it centers on a disgraced NYPD detective who gets “a shot at redemption” thanks to a big hunt for a cop killer. Boseman will play the disgraced detective, presumably giving him plenty of chances to pounce on criminals, Black Panther-style. Meanwhile, in the time it took you to read this, the Russo brothers signed on to produce 75 more comic book adaptations.

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