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Certified big deal Chris Pratt to host SNL season premiere

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As announced in an NBC press release (and then relayed by Vulture), Chris Pratt’s ascension to the heights of superstardom will continue apace on September 27. That’s when the Marvel superhero, savior of brick-kind, and pretend FBI agent on Parks And Recreation hosts the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Yes, America’s goofball older brother who used to reenact Roadhouse end-to-end (but now stars in the types of movies Patrick Swayze did) will soon know an honor previously reserved for such pop-culture luminaries as publishing tycoon Steve Forbes, White House Press Secretary Ron Nessen, and “Anyone Can Host” contest winner Miskel Spillman. “Problem” and “Break Free” singer Ariana Grande will serve as the premiere’s musical guest, confirming Lorne Michaels vote in this year’s “song of the summer” debate.


NBC’s announcement corroborates rumors that Pratt would host the season’s first episode; turns out the speculation about a hosting gig for one-time cast member Sarah Silverman is also true. (Maroon 5 will provide the musical performances you’ll fast-forward through on October 4.) One returning SNL alum rumored to host this year but absent from the press release is Bill Murray, who’s presumably too busy cherrypicking female comedians he’d prefer to see hamming it up in Drunk Uncle drag. (There’s also no word on whether or not a new announcer has been chosen to succeed the late Don Pardo; The A.V. Club has reached out to NBC to see if that announcement will be made prior to the premiere.)

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