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Cersei shows the power of the dark side in this Thrones/Star Wars mashup

Throne Wars (Screenshot: YouTube)

While watching Cersei Lannister being garmented in that achromatic, textured gown at the start of the Game Of Thrones season finale, we all should have known something big was happening with her. She’d always been on the amoral side, maybe even leaning toward felonious, but she had maintained some fragments of humanity inside her cold heart throughout all six seasons.

The people behind the YouTube channel Darth Blender—who have certainly been having fun with the HBO fantasy series lately—obviously took note of the change and used it as the central theme of this new alloy of Game Of Thrones and Star Wars:

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time that someone has thought to immingle the two cherished exemplars of sci-fi/fantasy into one beautiful piece of fanwank. Just a few months ago, YouTube user EricThePooh took the greatest sword fight in Thrones’ six-season history and made it even better through the addition of just a few Kyber crystals:

May the Three-Eyed Raven be with you, always.


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