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Cersei Lannister as a Billie Eilish song is scary good

Photo: HBO; Frazer Harrison (Getty Images

What do Cersei Lannister and rising pop star Billie Eilish have in common? Well, they can both deliver a line that’ll reduce you to quivering goo. That’s abundantly clear in this new Game of Thrones parody, which sets Cersei’s words against a spooky tune in the vein of Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” It is a bop though, so if you wanna work out to it, it’s available on Spotify.

No stone is left unturned here, as the scheming queen’s every major plot point and twist is explored through the song. Instead of Eilish’s “I’m the bad guy,” as the chorus, though, Cersei proclaims, “I am the queen.” Meanwhile, the “duh” in the original song is, rather appropriately, replaced with “shame.” 


What’s interesting, though, is that you could use the original version of “Bad Guy” as Cersei’s theme song without changing the lyrics at all. Despite the power the men in her orbit want to have (or think they do have), she’s always the one that comes out on top. When Eilish sings about how her mom would “pity the men I know” if she read her lyrics, it’s easy to think of Jaime, Tyrion, or even pathetic little Lancel. Maybe Eilish is pop’s IRL Cersei? We’re into it.

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