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One thing’s for sure: Jack had to die at the end of Titanic. What remains up for debate? Whether it could’ve been prevented.

The Mythbusters guys think so, but director James Cameron will assert that the door Jack and Rose were floating on in the final act couldn’t have supported the two of them, despite there being plenty of room on that thing. But what, you might wonder, does Céline Dion think? Could his heart have gone on if Rose had scooted over just a skotch? She offered an answer on a recent episode of Fallon.

“You know that’s a long time ago, right?” Dion asks, marveling, as she should, over still being asked Titanic questions. Still, she serves up a serious answer, essentially saying that both were probably too “frozen” to have the strength to balance themselves on the board. More importantly, though, she puts the blame not on Rose, as is often the case, but on Jack, who could’ve just hopped up on the board himself. “He doesn’t need an invitation,” she says, offering a cheeky glare at the camera.


Most enjoyable, though, is her using the question to launch into an impromptu Pointer Sisters tribute. “Maybe his body is so frozen that he doesn’t have the strength to...JUMP—for my love.” Fallon, his brain not as clogged with Funkin Gonuts and Jay Leno residue as we thought, gets the reference, egging her on for a few more bars.

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