It’s another year and another harvest of people whose drug addictions dovetail with their fame addictions, all coalescing harmoniously with Dr. Drew Pinsky’s own desire to help them in the most public and self-serving way possible. Today the newest cast members for the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab were revealed (an announcement arguably ill-timed so recently after Jeff Conaway’s death), naming the eight damaged individuals who will seek help for their very personal problems in front of a national TV audience this time: Michael Lohan, Sean Young, Amy Fisher, Bai Ling, former Mets and Yankees star Dwight Gooden, Baywatch’s Jeremy Jackson, Survivor’s Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, and Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, who will make his third appearance on a Dr. Drew show (Adler's first new record in almost six years!). Please note also that this show has now officially deemed Michael Lohan and Amy Fisher as “celebrities,” which is surely the first step toward curing them of their narcissistic need to act out.