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Unlike most of the big-time award ceremonies, the audience at the Golden Globes actually gets dinner and drinks before the show starts, saving them from having to play along with a big stunt like the host ordering pizzas or handing out movie theater candy (as if anyone would actually do something so silly). Unfortunately, the Golden Globes is still an award show, meaning it’s just as long and boring as every other show, so it’s safe to assume that some famous people are going to start craving a snack in the middle of the ceremony. This year, Melissa McCarthy decided to come to the aid of her famous colleagues by sneaking 30 ham and cheese sandwiches into the Golden Globes and covertly distributing them throughout the night.


Of course, it wasn’t a very well-kept secret, because we all know about it and McCarthy happily told Variety about the stunt, but it sounds like it was very appreciated. McCarthy told Variety that she had been “handing them out to everyone” and promised to bring hot dogs next year, with Jessica Chastain in particular wondering how McCarthy managed to pull it off and lauding her for planning ahead. Variety says the sandwiches apparently came from Joan’s On Third, a “specialty food marketplace” in Los Angeles, which is a place that seems to charge a good amount of money for a sandwich. Maybe somebody else should bring the hot dogs next year to thank McCarthy?

Either way, go back and watch McCarthy’s red carpet interviews to look for clues about how she pulled this thing off.

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