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Celebrity fight!: Sarah Silverman vs. Steve Perry

Is Steve Perry a racist? Sarah Silverman thinks so. RollingStone.com has the story and a response from Perry. So what's this all about? Apparently Silverman told Playboy in a new interview that "the onetime lead singer of a very popular band from the 1980s" told her she had "the best nigger jokes." Silverman's response: "I’ll just say this: After that, I stopped believin.’"

So, Steve Perry's a racist, then? Not so, says Steve Perry:

I walked up to her after the show and I said, ‘I can’t believe that somehow you seem to be getting away with all these slurs and the n-word, I just can’t believe how you’re doing this,’ and I looked at my friend and I said, ‘I can’t believe how she’s getting away with this,’ and she looked at me and kind of smiled. It wasn’t like I was condemning her or condoning her, it was just that I can’t believe how somehow creatively she was making everybody in that club of all colors and all ethnic backgrounds laugh. That’s what it was.


Looks like this is another instance he says/she says, only it for "he" substitute "muscular voiced ex-Journey frontman" and for "she" swap in "forever-controversial deceptively sweet comedian."

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