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Celebrities take to the streets for nice walks, sunshine, Donald Trump’s tax returns

(Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

It’s April 15, traditionally known as Tax Day in the U.S. (Don’t panic, you actually have until the 18th to file or flee the country.) To celebrate/bemoan the occasion, people across the nation took to the streets today to enjoy the weather, feel the government-provided roads and sidewalks under their feet, and also to demand that President Donald Trump keep his word and finally release his damn tax returns. Not some Rachel Maddow one-sheet thing, either, but the actual good stuff: W-2s. W-4s. The fancy ones we don’t know about, because they’re for rich people with 401ks.

Given that a number of celebrities vocally loathe Trump (or would just like to see their supreme commander’s finances in order to check whether he’s screwing us all over), it’s not surprising that a number of famous people were out participating in the #TaxMarch protests. And normally, we’d fill this post with a bunch of those celebrity tweets, showing their contributions to the event. But honestly, Andy Richter won the thing so hard that it feels kind of pointless:


In the interest of fairness, here are a few others. We warn you, though, they’re not as good as orange poopy pants.


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