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(Photos: YouTube)
(Photos: YouTube)

Given that it feels like it’s been going on for years, it’s almost hard to believe that the 2016 presidential race is nearing its end. America selects its next president in just four weeks, and celebrities are adamant that you should be involved in that process. We’ve previously highlighted a bunch of celebrity-filled voting PSAs, like Joss Whedon’s “Save The Day” campaign, YouTube’s #VoteIRL, and the much-hyped Will & Grace reunion “Vote Honey.” But given just how many celebrities are trying to get you to rock the vote right now, we figured we’d round up some of our favorites in one place.


First up, DNC performer and noted Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry got naked to remind you that you don’t have to dress up to vote.

And after kicking things off with the goofy celebrity-filled video that promised a Mark Ruffalo nude scene if enough people vote, Whedon’s “Save The Day” campaign also released a more somber video starring actor and activist Jesse Williams:

Elsewhere, the Vote Your Future campaign enlisted the likes of Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Longoria, Zendaya, Robert De Niro, Kendall Jenner, Samuel L. Jackson, and an emotional Wilmer Valderrama to discuss the issues they care about this election. The campaign also released dozens of short individuals videos with even more celebs.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert rounded up its own laundry list of famous faces, including John Cena, Anna Gunn, George Takei, Tituss Burgess, Trevor Noah, America Ferrera, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alan Cumming, and Bradley Whitford for a comedic video very much in the Whedon vein.

Meanwhile, Whitford also reunited with his fellow West Wing cast members for a much more low-fi video focused on voter registration, which they filmed while campaigning for Clinton in Ohio.

But in this as in all things, the cast of Hamilton put everyone to shame with its commitment to the democratic process. First up, Jimmy Fallon enlisted members of the cast (and some pretty high-profile political and cultural players, too) for a straightforward PSA.

But even better, Lin-Manuel Miranda also reunited with the Broadway cast for three musical PSAs under the #Ham4Vote banner.

Including one in Spanish:

In other words, if your decision whether or not to vote is based solely on celebrity enthusiasm, you should have plenty of motivation to head to the polls on November 8.

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