Screenshot: Alien: Covenant/YouTube

Because we’re close to running out of cuisines to dedicate holidays to, the good folks at 20th Century Fox have selected a day to celebrate the mayhem of the forthcoming Alien: Covenant. On April 26, you’ll be able to observe all the Covenant-related festivities the studio has in store for you, including nationwide screenings of Prometheus and the Queen Mother of Alien movies, 1979’s Alien. Proving that this is not just a marketing scheme, the marketing team picked April 26 to commemorate this decades-long franchise based on the scientific classification of the moon of Archeron, which is LV-426. Sounds totally legit. Anyway, here’s a promo:

In addition to the screenings, the Alien: Covenant cast will participate in a live-streamed Q&A with fans at 10 a.m. PT. There will also be a trivia contest and plenty of themed merchandise. Obviously, Hug A Friend Day and Confederate Memorial Day will have nothing on Alien Day.


If you want to see which Regal theater near you is screening Alien and Prometheus on Alien Day, head here.