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Celebrate today with Abbi, Ilana, and all the weed on Broad City

Broad City

In honor of 4/20, Digg has put together a compilation video of every time the characters of Broad City smoke weed—p*$$y or otherwise—during the first and second seasons of the very green-friendly series. Well, not just smoked. The video—which is not four minutes and 20 seconds long, unfortunately—also includes Ilana’s weed-laced “Firecracker Smoothie” that led to Abbi’s $1,000+ excursion with a larger-than-life Bingo Bronson.

Every blunt, joint, bong, and vaporizer (“vape life”) hit by Abbi and Ilana makes an appearance, along with some of the guest stars who shared a hit or two over the seasons, like the underaged boys—including Phil Of The Future’s Raviv Ullman—with whom Abbi and Ilana accidentally get a little too high. Ilana’s sexy doppelgänger Adele (Alia Shawkat) also appears very briefly—a fittingly short-lived amount of time, given she doesn’t actually smoke pot, a reason for Ilana to kick her out that is more powerful than even the creep factor of their likeness.

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