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Celebrate the Olympics with this 8-bit montage

We're just a few days into the Summer Olympics in London with a dozen days of competition still left, but one thing has become clear: NBC's coverage has left a lot to be desired, as TV Club has noted. It's not so much the tape-delayed nature that's a bother (the time difference with London makes this a no-brainer); instead, it's the way NBC has packaged the games with lots of puff pieces and pointless montages. The cure for the tedium is clearly a badass 8-bit montage of Olympic sports, and the folks at Flikli have obliged, covering the mainstream sports (soccer, diving), the more obscure (water polo, team handball), and everything in between. So next time NBC queues up yet another montage, just mute the TV and watch the below video. [via Have You Seen This?]


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