Few fast-food items inspire devotion in the same way as the McRib. At various points in the sandwich’s history, it’s been a regular menu item at McDonald’s, but for the past decade, it’s been relegated to seasonal status. When the McRib returns each fall the masses rejoice, falling to their knees and screaming, “It’s baaaaack!” with the kind of joy rarely seen for mass-market pork products. One McRib fan expressed his devotion the only way he knows how: By stacking a bunch of them together and eating them all at once.

In a video appropriately titled, “The McRib Is Back Again, Bitches!,” Michael Jones—who does YouTube videos for Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play—screams at the sandwich before flailing one around in all manner of ways. The feast begins with Jones asking his wife “What’s back?” and—while her green attire suggests she’s more of a Shamrock Shake kind of person—she plainly states “McRib,” kicking Jones into gear. From there, he takes to gleefully screaming at the sandwich, taking huge bites and knocking it around. The payoff comes when Jones stacks nine McRib cutlets atop one another and goes to town, reminding us that this kind of savagery could easily be avoided if this mystery meat was only available year round.