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Celebrate the height of fashion by watching Katy Perry become a hamburger in front of J.Lo

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik (Getty Images)

Next to the 1995 Indiana Jones Adventure opening, the Met Gala is the premier event for celebrity fashion. Musicians, actors, and other people with a whole lot of money and names you recognize arrive wearing incredible outfits designed to celebrate the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s annual theme.

Naturally, to help kick off 2019's “Camp” exhibition, Katy Perry dressed as both a human chandelier and a hamburger person.


The first costume, though still absolutely ridiculous, was the sort of garish extravagance that’s expected of the Met Gala. Not content with achieving only this level of absurdity, though, Perry soon ducked out to reappear as an anthropomorphic hamburger, replete with a lettuce dress and toothpick hat surrounded by a sweaty-looking collection of meat, bread, vegetables, and oozing mustard.

This was a surprise to all in attendance, except for Perry herself and Jennifer Lopez, who was confronted with both a phone recording and a pop star transforming into a burger while just trying to use the goddamned bathroom.


There’s a whole lot going on in the video, from the decision to film inside a place where no filming should be taking place to the image of a pop star wedging herself into a plastic-y burger to Lopez’ understandably baffled acknowledgement of the bizarre scene she’s wandered into.

What’s most important, though, is the angry responses to Perry’s sartorial choices that came after she emerged, reborn in hamburger form.


Despite objections, we must remember that wearing a hamburger costume—especially wearing a hamburger costume at the Met Gala—is fundamentally good. Celebrities use high society events as a way to flaunt wealth and prestige and, while the burger outfit is of a higher quality than most of us schmucks would have found at, say, Party City, it’s still a beautifully surreal, trollish counterpoint to the night’s celebration of material excess.


If there’s anything to be upset about here, it’s only that the Met Gala missed an obvious opportunity by failing to invite hamburger Perry to perform “California Gurls” with special guest star Snoop Dogg in a wiener bun.

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