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Celebrate Rex Manning Day with a little “Say No More (Mon Amour)“

Joe isn't thrilled.

It’s April 8th, meaning it’s both Lost day and the 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks. More importantly, though, it’s Rex Manning Day. Introduced to the world 20 years ago by Empire Records, Rex Manning Day celebrates the day washed up superstar Rex Manning graced a failing record store with his sleazy presence, thus sparking all sorts of not only personal drama, but fiscal drama as well. It’s also a day that strictly prohibits any sort of mental dwelling, by decree of Empire Records’ Mark. And, of course, Rex Manning Day is also a good excuse to watch the extremely dumb video for Manning’s big Empire Records single, “Say No More (Mon Amour).”

Because the internet is the internet, there’s all sorts of Manning-related celebrating going on today on Tumblr and Twitter, with real life celebrations planned for this evening in both Brooklyn and Dallas. And, because we’re nothing if not festive, two of The A.V. Club’s favorite Rex Manning celebrations are below. First, a new supercut of all sorts of Manning-centric mentions from the movie, and second, a cover of “Say No More (Mon Amour)” by Numbers And Letters, an L.A.-based band fronted by Hitfix’s Katie Hasty. Hasty’s take is as sultry as Manning thinks he is, which is to say as smooth as Manning’s purple satin shirt.

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