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Celebrate Pokémon Day with the series' newest fantastic creature, "fat rat stuck in a manhole cover"

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Well, the folks at Nintendo have done it again this Pokémon Day! Not only have those dreamweavers given us a new trailer for the movie where Pikachu solves crime in a deerstalker hat and lots of information on a pair of fresh video game adventures, but they’ve sneakily unveiled a new, magical creature, too.


Lest you thought the artists who brought you such favorites as “clown monster” and “sentient ice cream cone” have run out of ideas, the imagineers at Pokémon creator Game Freak are introducing a truly inventive new design sure to delight both longtime fans and series newcomers.

Meet “fat rat stuck in a manhole cover.”


Though Pokémon management may try to deny it, there’s no doubt in our minds that the introduction of this adorable addition to the games’ line-up is a secretive viral marketing campaign meant to coincide with 2019's Pokémon Day.

You won’t see “fat rat stuck in a manhole cover” featured in any officially sanctioned promotional tweets, but the filthy little cutie is already making waves across the world. According to the BBC, “fat rat stuck in manhole cover” was discovered in Bensheim, Germany where she made a spectacular entrance by performing her signature move, packing on too much winter fat and getting stuck in a manhole cover.

A team of firefighters soon arrived to lift up the metal cover and allow an animal rescuer to free the Human Waste Type Pokémon so it could be safely returned to its home in a sewer or something. Buzzfeed News has more photos of the rat’s carefully orchestrated rescue, including, most notably, a child’s drawing of the creature that may hint at what it’ll look like in animated form.


The viral stunt is already leading fans to wonder how “fat rat stuck in manhole cover” will perform in the series’ battle system. While still unconfirmed, current rumors suggest it will use the “Bubonic Bash” attack command, “Carb Counter” defensive move, and “Deutschland Dash” speed buff.

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