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Today, being the fourteenth day of the third month of the year, is as good a time as any for celebrating and recognizing π (pi), the mathematical constant that can be approximated numerically as 3.14. But how does one go about observing Pi Day, other than walking around the neighborhood in search of circles and then calculating the area of said circles? It might also be historically appropriate to research the life and work of Greek mathematician Archimedes, who devised the first recorded algorithm for calculating pi using polygons way back in 250 B.C. Alternately, this would also be a great day to screen Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 breakthrough Pi. Over at Mashable, however, Nicole Gallucci has taken a more lighthearted approach to the subject matter with an assortment of celebrities whose faces have been 96.86 percent obscured by pies. The challenge here is to identify these various film and TV notables with only the remaining 3.14 percent.

Who, for instance, is this showbiz dynamo peeking out through a lattice of dough? (Hint: The answer is not “An affront to the eyes of God.” Think more Hollywood than that.)


Do this mouth-half and single nostril ring any bells? And, more pressingly, who would want to bite into a dessert that could potentially bite back?

Ideally, a pumpkin pie should not stare back at the person who is about to consume it in one shame-based binge. But is it more acceptable when the eye in question belongs to a genuine A-lister?


And the fun/gastronomic horror continues in picture after picture. From pecan to key lime to the ubiquitous pizza, pies of all stripes are represented here. And every last one of them sports the eyes, mouths, and other facial features of Hollywood royalty. Rarely has the expression “Eat The Rich” been so literally interpreted.

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