It’s been a long, gray five weeks since the last new episode of Parks And Recreation aired, time I’ve spent sadly tapping my Ron Swanson bobblehead as a single tear rolls down my cheek. Little did I know, if only I were a rugged woodsman in the Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman vein, I could have filled that time lathing and whittling my own bobble-Swanson, a task that surely would have kept me busy well into the show’s seventh season. Alas, I bought mine from the NBC store like the soft-handed urbanite I am—but only because I didn’t have the man himself to show me how to do it. Now, thanks to NBC—which surely has no ulterior motive in posting such a video—we have step-by-step instructions on creating our own mustachioed bobblehead. (Most important step: Don’t forget the nasal-labial fold.) So grab your special woodcutting pants and ridiculously oversized hunk of wood and get started now, so that you have a new, vaguely octagonal friend to watch Thursday’s new Parks And Rec with.


For those of you who need extra hand-holding, here’s a bonus video on how to saw a log, a process that apparently involves a separate, brighter pair of woodcutting pants.