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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

Today is National Puppy Day, a day put aside by our nation’s founders to celebrate not just dogs but in particular small dogs: ones who have not aged enough to have normal-sized bodies, thus making their heads and eyes too big. Puppies are very good animals inherently. They have not had their irascible sense of joy beaten down by the world and its endless gauntlet of disappointments. They do not yet know that they need to go outside to use the bathroom, or that if they want a treat they need to first sit. They are pure enthusiasm, and they are good dogs.


And yet the inherent goodness of puppies is a mere microcosm of the possible varieties of good that dogs can be. The Tumblr Good Ass Dog (which has the terrific URL goodass.dog) collects and regularly posts images of the varieties of good pups that are out there. Here is a concerned good dog:

Here is an extremely lazy dog attempting to be good:

Here is a good dog who got into some shit he shouldn’t have, then returned to being a good dog:

Here are a couple of good dogs who correctly think Yoda should not have been reduced to a back-flipping punchline in the prequel trilogy:

Here are some terrific dogs going apeshit over a remote control car:

Please enjoy the many more good ass dogs at Good Ass Dog, including GIFs, static images, costumes, obedience and mischief, athleticism, laziness, joy, smallness, and largeness. It is your civic duty.

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