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Celebrate May The Fourth with Oscar Isaac’s Bill Murray impression

It’s the May The Fourth, a day dedicated to a franchise that already earns billions of dollars every year in merchandising, theme parks, and other assorted revenues. But even if it’s easy to be cynical and dissuaded by the annoying spread of such pop culture whims (and it is), the fake holiday can still pay off in unexpectedly fun ways. For example, were it not for the false hoopla of May 4, this fun video may not have caught any attention.

Back in December 2015, a mere few days before the opening of The Force Awakens, GQ magazine uploaded this video of Oscar Isaac performing the “Star Wars” song made popular by lounge singer Nick Winters (Bill Murray, in his Saturday Night Live heyday). Here’s Murray’s original performance of his classic lounge hit:

Isaac, whose proved his musical talent in such previous works as Sucker Punch and Inside Llewyn Davis, makes the song his own, updating it with the new Star Wars characters and a much more chill, acoustic effort. The charming moment will undoubtedly further endear the once and future Poe Dameron to his legion of fans (and keep him in nerds’ good graces following his Ivan Ooze-like appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse).

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