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Celebrate Game Of Thrones’ stab-happy season five with every on-screen death

[Plot details abound for season five of Game Of Thrones.]

Valar morghulis, indeed. Few shows can proudly claim as high a body count as Game Of Thrones. Whether it’s the excruciating small deaths of individual characters the audience has come to love or the wholesale slaughter of armies at each other’s hands, George R.R. Martin has crafted a world where death is always a possibility. But while it can feel like there’s a lot of death, why not quantify those corpses with a supercut of every on-screen death that occurred during the fifth season of Game Of Thrones? Better yet, why not set that supercut to Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual?”


Bryan Menegus edited together this video for Digg that compiles every on-screen death of the latest season (with a couple of estimates and perhaps some guessing in the larger battles). True, there are a couple of deaths in this reel that may not be the final time for the characters—looking at you, Stark children—but it’s still a solid estimate that tallies out at 1,447. There’s also a great callback to an old internet (and Lonely Island) favorite death sequence at the very end with some help by Imogen Heap. It’s the perfect way to start the day—with a bevy of slit throats, burnt people, and zombie fodder.

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