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Celebrate Bill Paxton by reading about the ultimate Bill Paxton pinball machine

(Photo: Benjamin Heckendorn)

Beloved actor Bill Paxton died earlier today, and though there will surely be plenty of tributes to the man and his his many memorable film roles, internet personality and video game console modder Benjamin “Ben Heck” Heckendorn put together a rather unique salute to Paxton’s work back in 2010: A one-of-a-kind Bill Paxton-themed pinball machine.

(Photo: Benjamin Heckendorn)

The whole thing was made from scratch except for a few of the generic items you’d find on any pinball machine (like flippers), and it took Heckendorn about five years to complete the project. On his website, Heckendorn has a four-part “Making Of” series, a photo gallery, and a series of videos showing the thing in action. The whole machine has a very tongue-in-cheek approach to the Paxton canon, like Heckendorn’s note that the lights showing how close you are to collecting a specific bonus appear within Titanic‘s Heart Of The Ocean, but it’s worn around the neck of Club Dread’s Britney Daniel “for some reason.”

(Photo: Benjamin Heckendorn)

The Bill Paxton pinball machine was bought by SS Billiards in Minnesota at some point, and according to that venue’s website, you can still play it there today.

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