In case you hadn’t already heard—and if you haven’t, good for you—it’s Back To The Future Day, a celebration of the date Marty McFly ventured to in Back To The Future II. And while there’s a wealth of BTTF material out there today, from tributes on the Today Show to hokey porn parodies, the best or at least most palatable comes via The website’s obviously been waiting for this day for years, and to make the best of it, it’s gone full bore, enlisting Christopher Lloyd to play Doc Brown for a truly heartwarming video. Though it’s less than a minute long, the clip finds Doc Brown encouraging viewers to make the best of their futures, even if we don’t have actual hoverboards or Jaws 19. As Brown notes, “your future hasn’t been written yet,” and though that sentiment might seem a little silly coming from a guy in a wig sitting in a DeLorean, it’s actually pretty sweet.

It’s worth noting that Richard Haderer, the creator of IsTodayTheDay, is commemorating today’s holiday by donating all the proceeds from his website to the Parkinson’s Foundation, both in honor of Back To The Future star Michael J. Fox and Haderer’s own mother. Should you wish to do the same—maybe by kicking the cause a cool $19.85, for instance—you can do that here.