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Arrested Development is back—so let's make cornballs, frozen bananas, and hot ham water

After a downright disastrous run-up, Arrested Development’s fifth season is now available on Netflix. If you weren’t turned off by that now-infamous New York Times interview or that ho-hum fourth season, you’re likely going to want to celebrate this batch of episodes, and what better way than with some frozen bananas? YouTube’s preeminent pop-culture culinary expert, Andrew Rea—the man who, on his Binging With Babish program, previously gave us Homer’s Moon Waffles and at least a few of Bob’s burgers—has a pretty foolproof recipe for you on that front. What’s more interesting still are his riffs on the Cornballer’s signature creation and, believe it or not, Lindsey Bluth’s “hot ham water.”


He begins, of course, with Lindsey’s recipe: Some hot water, a canned ham (with can water), and 30 minutes on the timer. Guest Sean Evans offers it some backhanded praise: “I actually thought it would be worse,” he says before praising “that kiss of ham.” But Rea finds an interesting way to elevate the “dish” by reinterpreting it as a tonkotsu ramen broth using pig trotters, ginger, scallion, onions, and, um, hot water. Sure, it takes 12 hours at a rolling simmer to perfect, but, hey, it’s better than the alternative.

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