(Photos: Wikipedia)

After a week of the Republican National Convention dominating the cable news airwaves, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether America is, in fact, still great. Luckily, professional eater Matt Stonie—whose gastric mastery we’ve written about before—is here to remind us of our country’s triumphs, releasing a new video this week showing himself eating 10 McDonald’s Quarter Pounder With Cheese sandwiches in just about five minutes. (He also drinks a large soda and vanilla shake, although those take slightly longer.)

We’re not mathematicians, but we’re pretty sure that 10 Q-P-with-C’s add up to two-and-a-half pounds of meat (pre-cook weight), not to mention all the bread, cheese, and copious piles of onions piled on top. (According to Foodbeast, the entire order tallies up to 6,220 calories.) And Stonie takes it all on with a quiet grace, pausing to catch a Pokémon before enduring his ordeal, and looking at his task with a stoicism that wouldn’t look out of place on Mt. Rushmore, right next to a giant stone pile of fries.