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Cee Lo is sorry for saying all those things about rape

In the face of a backlash that includes people calling for his reality show to get canceled, even though it already was, Cee Lo Green has paused to reflect, looked deep within his soul, and called his publicist to come up with an apology for all those shitty things he said about rape.

In case you were too busy clinging desperately to all that is pure and good in this world, over the weekend Green ignited some major controversy by stating on Twitter that rape doesn’t count if the victim is unconscious—a move that was especially tasteless, considering he had just pleaded no contest to drugging a woman on a date in 2012. After his statements attracted immediate backlash, Green deleted his Twitter account, which lasted all of one day.

But now, his social media confidence restored, Green paused between posting links to his own songs on YouTube to issue an apology for all those things that he may or may not have said—even though they were definitely said—on his verified Twitter account:

I truly and deeply apologize for the comments attributed to me on Twitter. Those comments were idiotic, untrue and not what I believe.

— CeeLo Green (@CeeLoGreen) September 3, 2014

Green was presumably awake for this apology, because otherwise it doesn’t count.

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