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Cee Lo Green could star in his own NBC sitcom about Cee Lo Green

Not to be outdone by Adam Levine's deal to develop an NBC comedy loosely based on his life and the definition of comedy, fellow Voice judge Cee Lo Green now has his own first-look deal to develop NBC shows, potentially beginning with a sitcom. The prospective multi-camera series would star Green as an only slightly fictionalized version of himself, playing a singer and producer who juggles career and family with amassing a menagerie of animals to give creepily sexualized names and personalities, as well as tending to the funkiest, freakiest pet cemetery you've ever laid your beautiful eyes on. Or possibly just the career and family part, as these are normal things that Cee Lo Green has and to which normal people will want to think about while looking at Cee Lo Green some more. NBC's plan to continue rewarding The Voice for being the only successful show on its network should soon progress to developing a sitcom spinoff starring the spinning chairs (Think of all the Clint Eastwood jokes!), and then mmmaybe they could talk about doing something with Christina Aguilera, maybe.


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