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Expressing concern over an unusual feathered creature bred mostly for show and his pet bird, the animal rights organization Born Free has asked The Voice judge Cee Lo to reconsider his plans to replace last season's cat companion, Purrfect, with a Moluccan cockatoo named Lady—and not only because it fears an entire season of mirthless jokes about Cee Lo "rocking out with his cockatoo out" like the one TMZ already made, or other "cockatoo" puns like the one in the headline. The group further warns both the singer and the show that the Moluccan cockatoo is endangered, perhaps because Moluccan cockatoos have horrible emotional problems that make everyone wish they would just die out already.


According to a Born Free rep, "Many Moluccan cockatoos develop self-destructive behavior, including feather plucking and self mutilation not known to occur in the wild"—a trait that may work well for getting attention in their dorms, but is somewhat less adaptable in an even more stressful environment such as The Voice, where the bird would be forced to contend with the high-decibel volumes of platitudinous bullshit and Adam Levine. Cee Lo has yet to respond to the organization's pleas, though he did recently explain that he's introducing Lady to the show because "I met her flying around in a fantasy of mine," adding, "She was wild and free just as I’d like to be!" and that she often "whispers inappropriateness in my ear"—so yeah, he's probably going to take this very seriously.

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